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75 Popular Halloween Costumes Ideas 2019

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75 Popular Halloween costumes ideas 2019 have some like groups ideas some like 2 person ideas and then just something like one person ideas am gonna be putting like pictures and like how to do them here because a lot of them are pretty easy to DIY but yeah Let's go ahead and get into because we both know that you have no idea where you're gonna be for Halloween but don't worry. I got you let's let's get started and go through the list okay Just letting you know now that I'm gonna be going pretty quickly because there is 75 of these and I don't want to make it super long so if you do see something you like but yeah, let's let's get through it Number one is Rosie the Riveter from World War two Riveter riveter, I think it's Riveter next one is Regina George for Mean Girls Just cut out the circles and you're basically good to go number. Three is Snow White four is Arthur from ArthurI think it's pretty easy DIY if you have a yellow sweater number 5 is Sandy from Grease not like beginning Sandy I'm talking like end of the movie edgy Sandy Then you could be Russell from up next one is a group costume you just need three people for it, and that would be being the Powerpuff Girls The next one is pretty basic, but it's straightforward it could be Minnie Mouse, then this one could be a two-person costume or just the one person costume, so you could be a lilo and stitch or you could just be lilo on your own The next one is Cher from Clueless, and eleven is also Mean Girls costume with the Regina George included But it's like the three people so you could be the plastics, just get three friends and a whole bunch of pink stuff And you're good to go and next one is Supergirl 13 is also like a superhero that would be Wonder Woman, and then you could be robbers or like thieves 15 is like really good if you're super good with makeup so you could be deer 16 is where's waldo 17 is a firefighter. I think I'm putting like a picture for Modern Family here And her costume was really cute, so definitely check that out 18 is the group costume you could be my guess you can't be an on your own, but it's probably a lot better If you have like a whole bunch of different colors for that then this one could also be like a group costume or an individual costume. You could be an 80's workout girls 20 is Belle from Beauty of the Beast you could be like beginning Belle with like the blue dress or you could be like yellow dress Belle Next one is Jasmine so handy that you're here for number 22, you could just be a cat Really, purring really wants to be in this video. Um, it's a pretty basic costume I know, but it's really easy to do so if you're one of those really last-minute people you could always just do that Okay, I think it's time for you to go even though you're purring the next one is you could be a hula girl then I got Freaking here. I don't really know yeah Number 24 you could be the pink ladies, so this would be a group costume You just get the pink jackets and there you go the next one is boxer girls you could just be a boxer girl on your own Next one if it's really cool. If you have like red hair, so it could be Kim Possible from Kim possible obviouslyYou could be Katniss from The Hunger GamesYou can be Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz Number 29 you can be a Black Swan or just like any regular Ballerina this one is a group costume or I guess just a two person costume: That would be being an angel and a devilThen you could be a unicorn or unicorns if you wanna make this be a group costume 32 a mime theNext one is the really cool group costumeYou could be the characters from recess if you have like enough people to do that I feel like that would be really cool34 is Pam and Jim from the office, so you could do this with like a guy friend or like your boyfriend or whatever works35 would be Harry Potter hermione draco malfoy like really any Harry Potter character The next one is the no ragrets guy from We're the Millers all you really need for this is just like a sharpie Don'tdon't use a sharpie use like a water Soluble marker kind of thing the next one is Britney Spears like this version here The next one is Baywatch slash just like regular lifeguard I guess number 39 is Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy from Sponge Bob for two people costume this one is a vampire so you just got like the teeth and some bloodNumber 41 you could be Tina from Bob's Burgers 42 is a group costume or I guess like a two-person costume depends what you make it, and it would be being blue's clues So you could be blue, Steve, and then the pink dog whose name I forget The next one it also a group costume or you could make it be a single person costume And that would be being Winnie the Pooh, so you could just be Winnie the Pooh on your own or you could have like Other some of the other characters involved and make a big group costumeThen we have a referee you could be a cowgirl you could be a scarecrow which is also pretty easy DIY We have 47 which is Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean 48 any of the characters from Incredibles 49 is also a really cool group costume. It could be like all the characters from scooby-doo The next one is a two-person costume. That would be being salt and pepper you could be another like two-person costume You would be Pikachu and ash 52 is the Little Mermaid 53 would be the Flintstones So you just pick like one character or pick a couple of them, and then make that be a group costume 54 if you've ever seen Scream Queens you could be the Channels from that show I feel like it'd be really funny if people get the reference 55 Cosmo and Wanda 56 pretty basic but super easy you could just be tourists 57 a cop 58 I'm just gonna make it's like a bee and a ladybugs, but I'm just gonna make it be into one because they're both insects 59 you could be Greek goddess 60 you could be Cleopatraum 61 you could be Eleven from stranger things, if you haven't already seen Strangers Things go watch it right now because it's freaking amazing and the next season is like coming up pretty soon, so you do that 62 it's Shark Week and so this would be a good costume. You obviously need like days of the week to do that 63 would be Monsters Inc, you could just be Boo or you could be sullied or all the other characters and make that into a group costume 64 would be Grey's Anatomy or just like regular doctors, I guess 65 Wednesday Addams 66 Cheerleader there you go. I don't even know if I'm gonna insert a picture for that, but there you go 67 it would be a hippie 68 this one is so original you guys- you could be a nerd don’t tell that to anyone because no one's ever been that for Halloween so keep that a secret69 would be being the Riverdale girls you could just be like Veronica and Betty and like Cheryl I guess Or you can also get some guys involved and have them be like serpents are just like Archie Jughead Number 70 Little Red Riding Hood 71 the characters from Orange is the new black or just prisoners, I guess 72 you could be Victoria's Secret Angels 73 you could be thinker Tinkerbell thinker? Tinkerbell 74 you could be playing cards so this would be a group costume and the last one is also a group costume you could be the characters from The Breakfast Club if you have like the right amount of friends for that but yeah, I think that is all there is for the list all rightThat was 75 Halloween costume ideas hope it helps you figure out what you want to be for Popular Halloween Costumes 2019 and that you have like a nice spooky, Halloween, but yeah, thanks.

Popular Halloween Costumes 2019