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Amazon Echo Show 5

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Technical Specifications:

Display Screen = 5.5” with high-resolution smart screen display with high-quality stand.

Speaker Size = 1.65” Speaker.

Stereo audio output = 3.5 mm.

Camera = 1 MP Camera.

Camera Control = Built-in Camera shutter and microphone/camera off button.


This compatible Echo Show device is efficiently controlled with the Alexa app and smartly adjustable in rooms, bedside and on the kitchen counter. Just ask Alexa will respond instantly Echo Show 5 is a remarkable evolution from the cylindrical original. Make your home smarter.

Distinctive And Noticeable Qualities Are:

1- Just ask Alexa to control smart lights, view security cameras, and to create routines to let Alexa manage daily tasks, like switching on the geyser or AC using smart thermostat.

2- Make hands-free video calls to smartphones with the Alexa app, you can check your kids and parents by instantly connecting to Echo Show 5 via the Alexa app just like an intercom.

3- Alexa can recognize any number of voices even kids.

4- Manage your day better, this Echo Show 5 device helps you get more done in your day. Set reminders create monthly grocery shopping lists, set alarm, weather forecast, alert, news headlines and traffic updates.

5- On a kitchen counter it will be a great recipe book. Ask Alexa to play your favorite music while cooking or play news while having breakfast. Alexa will give you reminders of important tasks to do.

6- Voice or Video call friends and family with compatible Echo Show device with Alexa app or Skype.

7- Watch movies, news, and TV shows, songs, radio stations, audiobooks, sports updates, and stock prices.

8- Enjoy Amazon Prime music and watch the latest TV shows on Amazon Prime videos kids can enjoy Chu chu TV, Chhota Bheem and more.

Comparative Choice Preferences:

1- Amazon Echo Show 5 is one of the cheaper Echo Show devices in the Amazon lineup.

2- Echo Show 5 in a 3.5mm stereo audio output all the most perfect smart speakers for music lovers and high-quality sound resolution.

3- A rotating content display on home screen fro weather alert, stock price trending topics, and sports scores.

4- Alexa can recognize any number of various even kids.

5- Alexa can play youtube videos.

Amazon Echo Show 5 smart home device should be a perfect choice. For more information please click the link below.