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What is Amazon Prime ? What are the benefits of Amazon Prime

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Everyone seems to recognize what Amazon Prime is, however, I don't think many of us think about each of the advantages they generate, so in this video I give you my Amazon Prime audit and I will cover all the advantages so you can choose yourself Even if you think it is justified, despite all the problems or not currently, how about we start discussing Amazon Prime? I have been using Amazon Prime for about six years and I have never had motivation. abandon it because the advantages have constantly exceeded the cost now there is a lot of data regarding each of the advantages of Amazon Prime, however, I do not need this video to last 20 minutes, so I will give all the subtleties that I feel they need and after that they can decide for themselves if they have the possibility of doing Amazon Prime or not. For my part, I think it is one hundred percent justified, despite all the problems in case a part of the advantages is likely to explode now because there is such a large amount of advantages for Amazon Prime that I will have to divide it into the valuation and transportation , then I will discuss the advantages of the media and after that I will also cover the other things now I will start with the estimate of Amazon Prime, which is currently one hundred twenty dollars per year or thirteen dollars per month if that is the course you should take and remember that in case you are a substitute, Amazon Prime only costs sixty dollars per year or six dollars and fifty cents per month, so consider doing it if you went to class and really great to pay the month for month is that you can leave it when you need it, so if you simply need to keep the advantages for a couple of months, then the course would go from one month to another, that is, when you consider ca, it gives you one of the advantages that h has to get for ju 13 dollars a month, Amazon Prime is really significantly superior to anything that exists the vast majority of the other membership administrations, so it would exceptionally propose to investigate them and can even exploit the registration exchange that allows distribute two people for each family to compensate for the expense so fundamentally that you and your life partner could use Amazon Prime, however, you would only have to pay a fee due to membership distribution, so you will definitely exploit the participation shared if they have more than one adult living in a similar family now over the years, I have noticed that the Amazon Prime assessment has increased a bit, but some of the benefits have also shown signs of improvement in excess, despite that the cost has increased, therefore, sometimes Amazon will continually include more if it tries to balance spending, so re Since some of the data is likely that your video is not absolutely accurate as the video ages, but in general Amazon Prime just continues to show signs of improvement and I would like to refer directly here, in case you have the Amazon Visa or the Store card, you can actually recover five percent of the money on all your Amazon purchases in case it is a Prime part, so if you make many purchases on Amazon, at that time, I would strongly recommend getting your Visas in case I am a reliable Mastercard customer, since I don't need to pay 20% of your Visa just to get a five percent refund in light of the fact that that will never be a good monetary omen now, as long as When the delivery makes everyone realize that Amazon Prime offers free two-day shipping to the nation without a base request size, so if you need some batteries arbitrarily, you can get them at two days at that time and you do not have to ask for anything extra whenever it is convenient in case it is not a main part, in any case, you must spend twenty-five dollars just to get free shipping and then, that will always be taken for your things to take, as they will send it as slowly and economically as possible and they will not like twenty-five It is even difficult to spend money, in any case, it is really useful to organize arbitrary things at any point that you need them and you will get them in two days also now, most of the things on Amazon meet the requirements for free transportation for several days Without However, there are a couple of exemptions, so just keep that in mind and another interesting thing is that if you don't have to worry about your things in two days, at that time you can choose what is called surge free shipping that will allow you to dispatch the slower, but Amazon will really reward you with media credits and things like that, so it's worth doing if you don't have to bother with your stuff in two days, so if you don't, you must have your things in two days, At that point most of the time you would go without a shipping increase that way, you can get free stuff just by standing for longer. People from Amazon Prime can also get free transportation on the same day or even two hours of transportation yet the hose will only work in certain urban regions, so be careful with where you live to meet the requirements of that type of things, so just check your postal division and verify if you meet all the requirements for that kind of advantages in light of the fact that they are actually totally sweet to get things that day additionally in the event that you preorder a thing with a particular download date, Amazon will actually broadcast that day that should be downloaded, so in case you preorder a movie that should result in a specific date, then you will really get it the day it turns out instead of falling short, they also have additional elements where you can pay more for your participation expense, but you will get considerably closer to it and alternatives like the first wash bath and crunchy Amazon now. I am not going to expose widely about this even if I had the opportunity to make a large number of food purchases, at that time I would certainly invest. Look at these additional items, since the cost of the main warehouse that is mostly used for durable basic food items such as the grain laundry cleaner or even Mountain Dew is probably worth it and you would be surprised at how low the basic costs are Amazon to undoubtedly evaluate the main laundry room in the event that you have not done so far and, at that time, there is news from Amazon, which implies that they will actually send you new nearby commodities as quickly as you could reasonably wait, but you must live in a specific postal mail the district must try to meet the requirements for such requests, since it is new things that clearly has a live summer with a larger population, so it is a Good omen try to offer the administration now, in regards to the advantages of the media. Prime People is called Prime Video, which is something similar to Netflix or Hulu Prime Video allows you to stream movies for free and television appears from any of your devices, which is incredibly sweet since it is all included with your registration fee now, I will warn you at this time that it is not in the same class as Netflix yet, despite everything, they have a lot of great content that makes it extremely justified, despite all the problems as just an additional advantage to the people of Amazon Prime, you can even add stations for main video like HBO or Showtime for an additional month-to-month expense, but that way everyone is in a similar place and it is much easier to reach them and with the argument that Amazon also sells in rental movies most of that kind of substance, in addition, will be within the Amazon Prime video, so fundamentally in case you are watching any cia libre or in case you have moving images or in case you are doing HBO or something like that, everything is within the main video and that is extremely convenient and, as a main part, you will also get what is called Prime music, which allows you to stream a large number of several melodies with the expectation of complementary now has a limited determination of music, but Amazon has another program called Music Unlimited that costs only $ 8 a month for People of first level and that will give everything simply as does Apple or Spotify music and, in case you are intrigued by such things, I will leave the interfaces in the representation, since Amazon gives you the opportunity to try quite almost everything for 30 days, including Amazon Prime, and in case, despite everything you are watching the video, you can comment below and affirm that I am still here because that will help this video a lot, thank you very much now, in In case it is a player, Amazon Prime also gets what is called jerk Prime, which is convenient in case you like computer games and that is because you will get fixes and advances in certain previously requested video games I will get a membership of Jerk channel too, no, I will not expose it here extensively, however, if you like computer games and use jerk, at that point you should consider Amazon Prime since it is simply one more advantage of And what he likes to do now if you read a ton, the people of Amazon Prime also approach a couple of different advantages, you also have a main reading that allows you to acquire books and magazines of a restricted choice, but you need to use the Kindle application or a Kindle with the aim of working, the Kindle application is available in each brand of device, so it is not such a huge arrangement, but I need everyone to know that they need to use the Kindle application in order to get to the main reading and then you have access to what is called Amazon peruses first, which will allow you to download a free book per month since your determination in general, would affirm that your reading choice is quite good in regards to a free advantage however, I would sincerely look to audible.com because Amazon really owns them and they have each and every one of the books recorded on the planet Amazon Prime in people also gets n endless photo reservations in your cloud, so it is very useful in case you take a lot of photos. First-class people also get early access to Amazon Lightning offers, so it's great if you like to search for random items ridiculously at great costs and if you have young children, you can also use what is called the Amazon family and that you It will give limits on diapers and infant feeding and stuff and remember Prime Day, which is a rare day only for people where you can. I really get the best arrangements of the year in a complete package of several things that is far superior to Black Friday, so I would surely see it every time they run it, the summary of advantages just keeps increasing every year, to the extent that by exploiting only a few of them, then I would say 100% that Amazon Prime deserves the cost now you can try Amazon Prime for nothing for 30 days and d you can prove all the benefits and most of the various advantages before concluding that you really want to keep the participation, s implement look at the connections below in case you are intrigued in Amazon Prime or in any of its different administrations, as I said before. We will give you a free 30-day preliminary for almost every item you offer.

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