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What is Smart Home? Build a Smart Home on a Budget

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In the event that you have been interested in transforming your home into an enthusiastic home, however, you have overcome the existing arrangements or do not even know where to start, this is the article for you. I will explain how to start and extend your cunning home in 2019, we must step forward when we hope to transform your home into a smart home, you are simply immersed in a decision, possibly an excessive amount of decision, but in general there are two courses that you can continue to try to get close to making a bright home, the first is that you can buy many gadgets from various manufacturers and associate them with a typical stage like Google Alexa Assistant or Siri / HomeKitor, there are different organizations that do home computerization stages And they have provincial installers that will result and will introduce a built-in response for you, so which one is going well and that largely depends on the amount of mechanization you have? With the intention of making at home the amount you are willing to spend on that robotization and then, finally, how nice it is to establish your smart home without the input of anyone else, currently organizations such as Control4, Savantand Crestron will come and present everything in your home or using an integrator to do so, your responses can fluctuate frequently in general in the way your UIs are planned and in the external stages with which you can now work fortunately, things have been showing signs of improvement with them lately, but there is still a lot of rivalry in these organizations of the largest technology organizations like Google and Amazon in case you take a look at the recently renamed Google Nest page of Google, clearly Google Nest is making a move for customers they need the kind of complete home arrangement that the usual expert mechanization organizations of the home dan and today is not simply the extravagance offered by home mechanization organizations in the home discussion and administrations of establishments for smart home devices, more standard organizations are entering this space as if we really went to their home and did an interview for nothing and after that they also offer administrations of establishments also paid for the rest of this video I 'For the most part, I will concentrate on organizations located in the technology of the buyer and their smart household items, since I think these are the articles that many people will decide for their astute homes in 2019 and beyond the initial segment is setting up one of these frameworks in 2019 is choosing with which central scenario to go with which they will talk most of their clever devices and this stage will be the essential theme control for most of your br devices illantes. The significant standard stages that you can explore are Amazon Alexa, Google Aide gadgets or devices enabled for the Apple starter package, my recommendation at this time is to go with Amazon or Google more devices work with its base, however, the Macintosh Homekit is gradually starting to catch up with more devices that support the home unit, as the organization has eliminated the need for a pedal computer chip for devices to qualify on the home kit platform now and use the Google Assistant only by Alexa for my own smart home, however, I usually use the Google colleague as my predominant scenario, since I use the benefits of Google more than Amazon once you choose which central scenario is directly for you to run your smart home today, it is an ideal opportunity to discuss the devices that really make your home an enthusiastic home Commonly, you can place such devices in some major classifications, including the safety of the music media atmosphere, security and gadgets/extras. Before we must take a look at the music with all the sound of home. This utility allows you to play distinctive music in various parts of your home now normally through a voice partner that has different options here

Amazon, Google, and Apple manufacture their own speakers that play music from different administrations locally, anyway keep in mind that currently, Apple's home pod can only stream music from Apple Music or its iTunes library, there are also speakers and frames from third parties that you can buy from organizations like Sonos and Bose that can work with each of the three organizations by bowing and Sona speakers will even allow you to have Alexa and Google Assistant legitimately on your speakers. We have conducted many audits on bright speakers, including Google Home Mini, Google Home Max, Google Nest Hub, and Amazon Echo. At present, Nest Hub and Amazon Echo Show have the additional advantage of having a screen on them, which makes controlling their media also much simpler, since other smart home devices are much simpler in case Want to adapt more to these devices. connections to your audits then in the video representation, then we should investigate the control of your media rooms with your bright home, usually, this includes controlling your TV and related speakers as well as lighting in your rooms of media, in a second now we will. Joining your TV from buyer organizations would originate from Amazon or Google, they both sell devices that can control your TV, turn it on and off with a partner as well as stream the content of all major spill administrations you would expect and they in general, moderate, with a cost of between 30 and 70 US dollars, Google Chromecast is specifically quite innovative due to its launch h In fact, you can stream multimedia content from your iPhone with Android or any Chrome Browser Wi-Fi browser to your devices with Chrome Cast technology, which simplifies the transmission of multimedia content from your phone to your TV and, after that, transmits that content to your bedroom. Chrome Cast devices can also be turned off and your TV and the beneficiary and the different devices associated with your collector through an innovation called hdmi cec amazon also have this component and organizations allow you to use your voice to control your media equipment and Tell Alexa or Google Assistant what means you need to play on what screen in your home now Apple TV surprisingly can not be used to kill and your TV using Siri despite the fact that it uses hdmi cec, so when you turn it on It will turn on different devices associated with it, it has a compromised remote control that Google Chromecast doesn't have and it has something like Casting called Airplay that you can use to stream multimedia content from virtually any Apple device with a screen to your TV, now our next class is to illuminate The main players in smart lighting are currently Phil ips Hue, GE, Lifx, IKEA and Eufy I, these intelligent light creators make LED bulbs that are regularly in three classifications, simple white bulbs ranging from the sun to warm white tones or multi-shadow bulbs, bright bulbs usually connect via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, now cunning lights save you a great deal of time and travel your home. Turn on most lights at night just by using your voice, you can make sure you turned them off while away from home using an advanced mobile phone application or a smart collaborator through your phone, you can usually do schedules with them. You can wake up with the lights dimming with dark tones and you can even set up geofencing with your smart lights so that they come on naturally when you show up at home when you leave, some sharp lights require a center that is associated with your switch, such as Philips bulbs Hue who do this regularly offer starter packages that accompany the center and after that two or three bright lights, just in case you're starting off with cunning lights in your life agreement that I deeply prescribe by grabbing one of these starter packages different brands such as GE smart bulbs connect directly to Wi-Fi and do not need to bother with a central point so you can start simply by buying a solitary bulb that will be associated with your smart home scenario . different lights that you can get with your bright lights like remote dimming switches that you can assign to control a variety of lights in your room or switches powered by the vitality of the motor like Philips Hue, Philips Hue presumably has the most ornaments and only a variety of the cunning lights were compared to those of other brands and they are the image that I actually use in my own living arrangement that we made six months after the factual survey of the Philips you lighting frame, so in case If you are interested in Philips, I will make a point to leave a connection to that review in the representation of the video below or you can simply delay this video now and fit the card in the video to see it below. We should talk about atmosphere control and, mainly, we are discussing about bright interior regulators. Here are internal regulators associated with Wi-Fi that can be controlled with your smart helpers. Some celebrities incorporate the Nest Learning Thermostat, currently manufactured by Google the Ecobee. 4, that Amazon has a completely huge share and then different bright interior regulators manufactured by Honeywell, which is, in any case, here in the US. UU., If not worldwide, the largest producer of interior regulators by a wide margin, some that can be programmed as the most common interiors Regulators with a plan week after week, while others such as Nest Learning Thermostat become familiar with their example and use artificial intelligence to predict what temperatures should be set based on the historical context of their examples and the variety of ecological factors that now also allow you to glue sensors in impassive rooms around your home to total the temperature information in your home to give ag The most cunning interior regulators will work with each of the three great bright stages and its establishment is usually really straightforward. We should talk about bright home security frames now. Security has existed for a considerable time with organizations such as ADT Brinks and CPISecurity. Currently, there are organizations available with agreements that offer customers an alternative meeting. This experience is basically that customers can combine and combine the type of hardware they need for their local needs and then customers can actually do the installation themselves and buy these items in a rack or online, the three new major players in This space is Nest Ring and, obviously, Simply Safe, each of these elements of the organizations accompany a check administration, are discretionary homes that observe that the aid is through the security of the Brinks home, basically we are protected and ring have own internal observant In administrations and, in general, they are less expensive than those found with the Brinks administration, which is more expensive with household products; In each of the three administrations, the type of gadgets offered are, to some extent, similar. It blocks the smart bells and a combination of keys and usually a keyboard that helps you disable the frame and perhaps the best part is that none of these services asks you to sign a long-distance contract other than the observer administrations and the center of consumer technology The other fundamental advantage of these frameworks is that they allow combinations with the help of the main stage, so you can ask Alexa to be careful or ask Google to see the camera in the first floor room, etc. Some of these administrations also They offer smoke alarms, carbon monoxide indicators and intelligent water spill recognition devices to keep your home safe from the eve, as well as the different problems that can influence mortgage holders and their well-being, the latest and Last classification of smart home appliances is a trick of all kinds that I consider appliances and extras large number of devices that conform to this class and the summary continues to develop every year, the essential idea is that these are devices such as household machines in your home, for example, the washing machine of your refrigerator, but also ornaments for the home that can interact with your smart home scenario like sly blinds, mechanical vacuum cleaners, bright scales, smart switches, etc., my home hobby over the past few years have been bright switches that transform any device into one that can essentially be turned on o Outside of any of the bright stages of the right hand of the home that are particularly convenient with respect to the end of occasions, for example, during the Christmas season, I use five to eight enthusiastic changes from different organizations to help connect the Most of my holiday lights to Google Assistant. I group them all in a room called Christmas lights and then I can request that Google turn the major on or off. Once you've chosen your crafty home stage and started buying gadgets for yourself, you'll be surprised by the fact that it is so natural to machine the most everyday pieces of your life like killing lights. in each room of your home with just your voice or doing things that you could have longed for years as an internal regulator that you never need to modify because you discovered how you like the temperature given a variety of variables or travel through your home and playing music that Combined in each room, bright household gadgets really have the ability to completely change people to improve things.

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